Monday, December 16, 2013

Why hello there!!!

           Welcome to my world! I'm Meghan, military wife, running momma, lover of all things Disney, super sweet tooth (yes I have a coozie for my ice cream, don't judge me lol) , and all around queen of pointless knowledge. I started running in April 2013 for two reason. First, my friend asked me to join her at Dirty Girl Mud Run. Second and most importantly, my husband decided that he wanted to do a triathalon and he needed a running buddy. I'll be totally honest, I was scared to death of running. I hated it with a passion when I was in the Navy. I would like to say that I was a member of the 3 mile a year club because I only ran when I had to for my fitness test every 6 months. I also got injured to where I was told that I was probably never going to run again right before I got out of the military in 2009. So let's fast forward to 2013, I got dirty with my girlfriends and had a blast. I was officially hooked on running!

         Shortly after I finished Dirty Girl, I decided that I wanted to do at least one race a month. I needed something to keep me busy and sane for while my husband is away. I registered for a few more mud runs, and a few more 5ks, I had even won an entry to a color run. I was talking with another one of my girlfriends about running and she mentioned running in Disney. Immediately, I was in!! I signed up for Tower of Terror. Happy Birthday to me, since the race was just a few days after my birthday. I had no clue how much one race would change my life.


        I did a lot of laughing during that race. I flashed back to when I ran track in high school and I kept insisting to the coach that I was a sprinter. If he could see me now I'm sure that I would get a lot of "I told you so." Even though the weather wasn't the greatest (Hello hot and humid!!) I still felt awesome after the race and I definitely felt like I was ready for a half marathon. So I registered for my first half-marathon in March 2014. Happy running anniversary!!!


         I couldn't have started and continued on my journey without the support of my family (even though some of you think I'm nuts) and friends. So to everyone that has been there, thank you very much for all of your love and support. And to the negative nelly's out there, thank you. I like to prove people wrong.

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