Tuesday, December 17, 2013

So I'm not the pot calling the kettle black....

         How can I joke with my friends calling them slackers if I haven't posted my recap from runDisney's first on the road meet up/tweet up either. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time when the post came up to RSVP for one of the spots for the meet up. I honestly didn't think that I was going to get in, so I just wanted to ask a question for future meet ups. I wanted to know if these were stroller friendly events since I would most likely be bringing my daughter with me. Within seconds, I got a response asking if it was a jogging stroller and if I had run with her before. I sent my response and then I heard nothing. So I thought that it was safe to assume that I didn't get in. I'm getting ready to walk out the door from work that day and I decide to check facebook before I get to my car. One of the running groups that I'm in said that the list of people that made the meet up was up and he posted it. I was excited to see a bunch of familiar names from the group get in.....then I get to the Gs.....I'm IN!!!!! I'm going to Atlanta!!!! I can neither confirm or deny that i might have dropped my phone and started shaking because I was so excited.

         The morning of the meet up, I get up and meet a few of the runners in the hotel lobby. Great minds definitely thought alike staying at the hotel across the street so we walked over there together. We get to Turner Field and you can definitely see that runDisney had taken over!! It was great getting to finally meet with people that I have been reading their blogs or only speaking with them on facebook or twitter.
                                                                          With one of my favorite bloggers Bamagirlruns

 I had a chance to chat with Jeff Galloway for a few minutes before everything really got started. We discussed training for Dopey 2015. I might have had a runner nerd moment there.

Soon everybody was ready to get started. We had a speaker from New Balance teach us about good running form, and a few other announcements, and we were ready to run!! We divided into two groups, one group ran the whole thing, the other was the Galloway group doing the run/walk/run method. I chose to go with the Galloway group. How many people can say that they had the chance to run with Jeff Galloway under the Olympic Rings while he was giving a tour of his city.   

After the run, we had an amazing and healthy breakfast thanks to this lovely lady Diet Diva Tara. She's the nutritionist for runDisney and also for the Orlando Magic. 

 SHOES!!!! I was so excited that we got a sneak peak at two of the shoes that will be coming out this January! I love that they are coming out with stability shoes and neutral shoes this year. I'm even more excited that they will also be coming out with kids shoes this year. I did have a "proud momma moment" during the video when they showed the kids races and I saw my daughter front and center.  I can't wait to finally see all four shoes up close and personal in January. We also heard from Tammy from Disney marketing about the new #WhyIRunDisney campaign on Instagram. Jeff Galloway also spoke and he gave away a few of his books. Olympic runner Barbara Parker spoke and told us how she has never been to Disney!!

Now what kind of runDisney event would it be without character photos? Photos courtesy of runDisney

I don't think that I can say enough about what a great day it was. I wasn't kidding when I said that I came down by myself and left with 99 more friends. I am definitely looking forward to many more running adventures with this awesome group of people!!

Next runDisney stop...Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland!!!! See you real soon!! 

                                            I WANT ALL OF THE DISNEY BLING!!!!


  1. So fun! The Disney meet ups are so great for meeting people and we simply LOVE Tara! She is so sweet and gives great, "normal people" advice. Hope to see you around VA soon girl :) -Christine

    1. It was a blast!! I'm hoping that one day I can get into a meet up at one of the races as well. See you soon!